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polytouch® products and design studies
polytouch® 24 : Modularity in a new dimension
polytouch® 32 passport (pedestal): The tool-free installation


polytouch® 32 passport (wall-mount): The tool-free installation
polytouch® 55 4K: The quick & easy way to change the PC-Box
polytouch® @ TAO® Sportswear: The shop-in-shop concept


In-store commerce with polytouch®: The totally new shopping experience
polytouch® information video
polytouch® installation instructions


polytouch® QMS: The quick & easy way to open the printer door
polytouch® QMS assembly video: Quick, easy and flexible
polytouch® Quick Mounting System (QMS)



Intelligent Vending Module

Convenient & automated purchase even after shopping hours




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