19" Front I/O Industrial PC

The Industrial PCs with Front I/O enable a quick and easy wiring, which is particularly useful for many I/Os and interfaces cards.

The modular design and the chassis solutions allow an easy realization of individual hardware requirements.

PyRa Front 1U ultrashort

PyRa Front 1U ultrashort is distinguished by its low installation depth of only 220 mm and is available as an AC or DC version.

Thanks to its low installation depth the system is particularly suitable for application in the automation industry, measurement technologies and machine vision.


  • Only 220 mm depth
  • Rack mount without rails
  • Available as AC and DC version
  • I/O can be placed on front and rear side


PyRa Front 4U ultrashort

PyRA Front 4U short

PyRa Front 4U short offers plenty of space for high-performance due to its very low installation depth of only 450 mm.

The Front I/O system disposes enough space to accommodate 14 slots by full height and is suitable for the universal application in industries under harsh environments.


  • Plenty of space for high performance - 460 mm depth
  • Upgradable to Dual Socket CPU
  • Up to 14x slots full height


Image gallery 19" Front I/O IPC

PyRa Front 1U ultrashort PyRa Front 1U ultrashort Technical drawing


  • Front I/O
  • Modular platforms
  • Various installation depths
  • 1U to 4U