Own brand identity

Benefit from the high recognition of your products.

We have years’ experience in the high-quality implementation of our customers’ corporate identity.

From small series up to mass production, whether a small appliance or a powerful server, it’s your product – your design!

Printing method digital direct printing

genua genugate 600 ALG

This modern printing method provides unprecedented design opportunities. Photo-quality, high-resolution print with millions of colours is inexpensive and quick to produce.
Our production facility comprises several printing units, allowing the quick, order-based implementation of your design specifications.

Should you wish a pressure in solid colour (Pantone etc.) or metallic inks, we offer a printing of the bezels in screen printing.



  • Print on coated substrates of various colours
  • Optional clear varnishes for a more distinguished finish
  • Millions of colours
  • High-res printing
  • Suitable for samples and small series all the way up to mass production
  • UV curing for permanent results

Template creation


We provide design templates specific to your product: printable areas are pre-defined, thus allowing an easy graphic design process.

You may choose whether to send us your finalized custom designs or to rely on the experience of our own graphic designers.

Packaging design

Packaging labels are an inexpensive way of converting a plain cardboard box into a custom packaging solution.

Packaging labels can also be used to display important information such as barcodes, serial numbers, etc.

Custom packaging completes the appearance of a high-quality product.

Sleeves are fitted over a plain cardboard box to give your products a very high-quality look. Custom sleeves can be ordered with a minimum run of 250.