Global service

Production, shipping and tracking – your online portal will help you keep an eye on your orders.

Following dispatch, avail yourself of our Global service programme.

Lifecycle Management

Thoroughly thought through…

Beside the material value of the hardware, new market conditions or the technical change must be taken into consideration.

We can advise you and take care of the supplier’s management. In addition to the safety of our hardware version, which provides a high image stability, our systems are available long-term. We offer technical support for servers and appliances throughout the entire product lifecycle, and even after your warranty expires.



  • Expert advice
  • Supply-chain management
  • Safe versioning on HW and FW
  • Consignment stores
  • Long-term availability systems
  • Technical service


Technical Support

We're [t]here for you...

European Service

Pyramid offers a simple on-site service model for all servers and workstations sold in Europe. Every order comprises the Pyramid Europe Service that entitles you to our comprehensive service.


We offer much more than other vendors

Ordering a server, workstation or industrial PC entitles you to the following complimentary benefits:

  • Pyramid 12 month warranty for defects
    (The extension of the limitation period up to 60 months is possible on request)
  • Unlimited e-mail and telephone support
    • Monday-Friday, 08:00-17:00
  • Customer requests will be processed within 2 hours of the initial call during hotline hours
  • Burn-in system test
  • Advance replacement of components subject to availability
  • Free technical hotline: +49 761 4514 870


  • Localized configurations (by country)
  • High-quality control, including burn-in
  • Roll-uut service
  • RMA service
  • On-site service – competent and well equipped


Global Service programme

Available worldwide for you …

The Pyramid Production and Logistics facility is located close to the European DHL Hub Leipzig.
From more than 100 locations worldwide we offer services such as unit replacement, on-site service, installations and roll-outs. Flexible service levels up to 24x7 are available.
Pyramid creates custom services for international projects based on actual requirements in order to offer customers the best support.





  • Advanced Unit Replacement
  1. Next Business Day
  2. 5 days
  3. 10 days


  • On-site service
  • Quick parts supply and assembly
  • Flexible service models
  • RMA services
  • Direct delivery (drop shipment) even in logistically demanding regions such as South America and Asia
  • Support for roll-outs and installations