NetFlex series 19"

NetFlex series is a 19” server platform (1U–3U) for Network & Security applications. Identical materials and dimensions ensure a consistent appearance throughout the series. The modular construction of the NetFlex makes unique and customized configurations possible.

The NetFlex ELX, with its various LAN-port configurations, is particularly suited for Network & Security solutions (e.g., firewalls and UTM).

NetFlex 1U ultrashort

NetFlex 1U ultrashort LED USB WR

The NetFlex 1U ultrashort is designed especially for very compact rack solutions. Thanks to its short design it can be screwed together securely, without other hold corners or rails directly in a 19" level.

With only 220 mm mounting depth, it fits easily into small network cabinets while still providing remarkable possibilities.



  • Only 220 mm depth
  • Rack mount without rails
  • Ideal for use in network cabinets
  • Best price performance ratio for server appliances

NetFlex 1U value

NetFlex 1U value ELX LED USB

With the NetFlex 1U value Pyramid offers an inexpensive platform for many server uses. The system can incorporate an extension card PCIe/PCI (FH/HL) and also an ATX-Board and offers space for many different options.
Like all platforms it can also be adapted and completely customized and designed.

The electronic components will be chosen to your requirements of performance, lifecycle and operation.



  • Only 300 mm depth
  • Rack mount without rails
  • Best price ratio for basic server appliances

NetFlex 1U advanced

NetFlex 1U short ELX LED LCD WR

NetFlex 1U advanced is our most-used platform for network appliances. It offers maximum flexibility regarding equipment and creation.

By using the latest processors and server technologies, attractive and powerful systems can be realized in an individual design.



  • 19" server for maximum flexibility
  • Numerous optionsNumerous options
  • Cost-effective and easily adjustable
  • Powerful, expandable with up to 2 CPUs

NetFlex 2i

NetFlex 2i short ELX USB

The design of the NetFlex 2i incorporates the best from two worlds: Technically mature server hardware optimised for rough industrial environments.

The chassis is optically appealing with its hot-swappable fans both located on the front side. These are not only exchangeable during operation, but are additionally equipped with an integrated dust filter. The electronic components are protected by this dust filter against e.g. paper or material fibers what reduces the shutdown times terrifically.


Hot-swappable fans with dust filter



  • Hot-swappable fans on front side
  • Integrated dust protection
  • Customizable front layout
  • 3 x expansion slots full height or 7 x low profile

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NetFlex 2U

With the NetFlex 2U high-performance Dual-Xeon systems with the latest server technology can be setted up.

Our modular system has enlargement options which offer you the possibility of moving your demands at reasonable price individually.

Unusual configurations can be realised professionally using customised conformist fronts and installations.



  • 19" server for maximum flexibility
  • Extensive options
  • Cost-effective and quickly adaptable
  • Powerful, expandable with up to 2 processors

NetFlex 3U

NetFlex 3U ELX LED USB WR Keypad D-Sub

NetFlex 3U platform offers not only more space for front options, but also allows the use of Intel's latest and high-performing processors and other PCIe expansion cards.

Like all Pyramid platforms the NetFlex 3U also based on our reliable modular system and can be integrated therefore ideally into a product line.



  • Up to 7 x full height expansion cards
  • Customizable front layouts
  • Optimal for dual CPU systems

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NetFlex 1U ultrashort & NetFlex 1U value NetFlex 2U NetFlex 2U NetFlex 1U ultrashort, NetFlex 1U & NetFlex 2U NetFlex 1U value 3 x NetFlex 1U & NetFlex 2U NetFlex 1U ultrashort NetFlex 1U value NetFlex 2U short NetFlex 1U ultrashort


  • Installation-depth starting from only 200 mm
  • Design opportunities
  • Various options
  • Rackmount
  • Server technology