Server systems for retail

The branch servers filia® strictly adapt themselves to the special requirements of retail. By the incomparably compact design, the retail can use the expensive floor space for sales instead of using them for the infrastructure. In addition, filia® server simplify the service and save costs.

The integration of all required components into a single unit eliminates the requirement for any other hardware for connectivity with subsidiaries.
The easily wall-mounted, compact units do away with bulky and expensive racks altogether, enabling better use of limited space.

Technological progress has made it possible to integrate all required functionalities into a single, compact unit.


filia® 300

filia® 300

The branch server filia® 300 is a very compact server and contains in a space-saving chassis a switch as well as a WLAN access point.

One single system takes over all functions to the branch binding.

Enough performance is available with processors of Intel® Atom™ to Core™ i5. The active components are long-term available, so that the support has to maintain only one single version. Pyramid offers a 20-year availability guarantee of the chassis.


Lockable dust filter

filia® server with WLAN



  • Space-saving integration
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Long-term availability of 20 years

filia® 410

filia® 410

To guarantee a high reliability also at a power failure, filia® 410 disposes an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to guarantee a high operational safety.

The compact system can be mounted easily and in order to save space on the wall. It contains server, switch and UPS.

As processors in these models can be used even high-performance Intel® Xeons™.

The slightly accessible hard disks work in the RAID system. The RAID controller ensures that the data are reproached redundant failsafe and takes over the management of the hard disks without blocking the processor.

Server with UPS



  • Server with UPS
  • High-performance processors up to Intel® Xeon™
  • RAID system

filia® 510

filia® 510

filia® 510 contains a server with four removable disks in a 2.5-inch format and a switch.

Sensitive data are certainly stored in the RAID system. An optional lockable filter flap protects them against unjustified access. If requested interfaces are also included like USB in this access protection. Therefore the servicing can simply occur – however, only from entitled staff.

Just in strongly dirty surroundings like in laboratories and some warehouses the use of a filter is needed which can be cleaned easily for a high reliability.

Status-LEDs indicate the activities of hard disks and LAN as well as working conditions.

Even highly competitive Intel® Xeons™ processors can be used in these models.

Further a separate IPMI interface is integrated for the distant servicing in this system.

Optional lockable dust filter



  • High-performance server with secured HDDs
  • 4 removable disks in 2.5-inch format
  • Access protection for data
  • IPMI interfaces for an easy remote maintenance

filia® 600

filia® 600

filia® 600 offers a server as well as a switch and also has enough place for two big removable disks in a 3.5-inch format which work in the RAID system.

A display signals the state of operation by color and with a text up to four lines. The display helps in particular for the servicing if no external access to the branch server is possible. Alternatively the staff about arrow keys or about a display of the same seize can communicate with the server.

Should the server be installed on site or be waited, the rights can be activated due to a suitable SD card.


Two-front-sided LAN ports



  • 2 big removable disks in a 3,5-inch format
  • Touch display
  • LAN ports at the front
  • Server with an SD card reader