Network & Security

Pyramid benefits

Pyramid offers a customized service concept which allows appliance customers to decide specifically which services they would like to make use of.

OEM platforms

Many small and big ISVs trust in our experience in Network & Security platforms. From the planning to the development and the series production up to the after-sales service.



We have been an established manufacturer of individual solutions in the Network & Security area for many years.

We're the experts...

…more than 20 years ago Pyramid produced the first server appliance. Today we offer Network & Security independent software vendors (ISVs) around the world a complete package: from the concept all the way through to the production-ready appliance. We don't stop at top quality security hardware. We also offer complementary services such as global logistics, on-site service and customer specific portals for order management.

We competently guide you through the development, production and after-sales service of Network & Security appliances, with the flexibility of a medium-sized company.

Benefit from our custom services and concepts:


Project processes

Product concept

Design & development

Test & evaluation

Service & logistics agreements

Production planning & order monitoring

RMA / After-sales service

Product concept

Together with our product experts the perfect bespoke solution will be designed:

  • Environmental temperatures
  • Features
  • Availability/ Price level

Design & development

We develop with you your customized product:

  • ELX modules (individual system configuration)
  • Individual CI realization

Test & evaluation

Our products must pass numerous tests:

  • Burn-in test
  • Thermal processes
  • Material tests
  • Environmental tests

Service & logistics agreements

We offer worldwide services and logistics concepts:

  • Global Service programme
  • On-site service
  • Professional customs & export handling
  • Drop shipment

Production planning & order monitoring

Pyramid’s customer portals integrates seamlessly the entire hardware management process into your supply chain processes:

  • Full transparency
  • Reduced costs for warehousing
  • Receipt of goods and RMA management
  • Easy project management and tracking

RMA /After-sales service

Our service includes:

  • Global Service programme
  • RMA service
  • On-site service


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