Smart Voice Table Service

Pyramid Restaurant Automation


Just ask alexa to locate your guests!
The smart voice locating of the Pyramid Location System PLS is an innovative solution for all QSR’s who want to know „hands-free“ the exact location of their guests without looking at a screen - just by voice!

„Alexa, where is order no 42?“
PLS supports detailed alexa interactions for preordering, order information, locating information and puck information.

Welcome to the restaurant of the future... your guests will be amazed!
Watch the video.

Pyramid Computer is a global market leader with its big screen Restaurant Order Kiosks.

Come to see our new guest order kiosks, queue busting and smart voice table service live at NRA Show 2019.

Increase throughput and provide extraordinary convenience to your guests! Enable table service for kiosk and smartphone App users
Pyramid self-order kiosk Pyramid Location System (PLS)

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