Self-service terminals for banking

The modular polytouch® solutions for banking application

polytouch® 24 RemoteHelpDesk

The new type of video consultation

polytouch® 24 RemoteHelpDesk is the intelligent solution for video consultation. The customer on-site can take visual contact to the customer centre and talk easily through the phone which is integrated.
The system also includes a thermal printer and a scanner. So, every customer’s concern can be solved immediately.

polytouch® 24 DocScanBox

The elegant kiosk with a self-service scanner for documents

polytouch® 24 DocScanBox is the space-saving and elegant kiosk solution specially designed for scanning of documents.
The multiformat scanner reliably scans small and up to letter sized vouchers in the self-service area. In particular the simple and safe operability ensures quick processes. The scanner system supports document administration in industry, bank, trade and logistics terminals.

polytouch® 24 ChequeTerminal

The perfect kiosk for cheque scanning

polytouch® 24 ChequeTerminal operates with an open-frame scan module and processes bundles of up to 50 cheques. The scanner brings reliable and efficient document input to the self-service area. The device reacts when paper is inserted and starts processing automatically.

polytouch® eScanBox

The retro and digital version of a mail box

polytouch® eScanBox is the space saving solution for scanning applications. The multiformat scanner permits simpler administration and calling of electronic documents.
The modular solution for self-service terminals protects data safely and offers time savings. The system includes the central scanner as well as a flexible mouthpiece and a shift.

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polytouch<sup>®</sup> 24 RemoteHelpDesk (Banking) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 24 RemoteHelpDesk (Banking) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 24 DocScanBox (Banking) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 24 ChequeTerminal (Banking) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 24 ChequeTerminal (Banking) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 24 RemoteHelpDesk (Banking) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 24 RemoteHelpDesk (Banking) polytouch<sup>®</sup> for banking polytouch<sup>®</sup> eScanBox polytouch<sup>®</sup> eScanBox polytouch<sup>®</sup> eScanBox