polytouch® 32 PE4000

4 at a stroke - Space-saving self-service kiosk


polytouch® 32 PE4000 - 4 at a stroke!

The polytouch® 32 PE4000 is a brand new generation of kiosks from Pyramid Computer. The world's first 4-in-1 solution houses four self-service kiosks in a minimum of space. This makes the 4-in-1 terminal perfect for applications with the highest use frequencies (QSRs, cinemas, airports, public services and many more), as four people can carry out individual transactions simultaneously at just one kiosk. In contrast to single kiosks, this not only saves space, but also offers an enormous cost advantage.

We would be happy to advise you on the numerous and flexible options available to optimise your kiosk configuration to meet your needs.

Your advantages:

  • extremely stable and well-designed pedestal
  • modular and compact design
  • versatile technical configurations
  • individual branding
  • flexible integration into different environments
  • peripherals housed under the touch screens, e.g. payment systems, scanners, printers
  • one PC per touchscreen for high reliability
  • service-friendly maintenance access via pedestal
  • quick mounting


The polytouch® 32 PE4000 fits every requirement.
The patented design of the kiosk is the height of technical sophistication. The PCs of the 4 displays are installed inside the one piece central column to save space. This guarantees low susceptibility to failure of the complete system and maximum performance of each individual kiosk. Various peripheral modules (2D / 3D scanners, thermal printers, payment modules) can be integrated and colour variants can be implemented according to individual customer requirements.

PE Touchscreen


  • four touchscreens on one pedestal
  • integration of peripherals possible, e.g. camera, microphone
  • Ease of access for simple and straightforward hardware swapout
  • specially developed connectors for fail-safe power and signal supply
  • Multiple options for screen types: anti-glare-type-display, bonded anti-glare-type-display, bonded glare-type-display


PE Standfuß


  • simple and appealing design
  • made of high-performance aluminium
  • mounts up to four touchscreens
  • housing of PCs and fans
  • easily accessible service flap



PC components

  • one PC per touchscreen for high reliability and equal power distribution
  • powerful Intel® Core™ processors
  • compact design enables storage in the stand
  • high-performance fan system prevents overheating under full load or at high ambient temperatures
  • supply of all components via only one power cable


PE Belly

Peripheral housing

  • for integration of different modules, e.g. payment systems, scanners, printers, etc.
  • customizable to suit individual requirements
  • secured against unauthorised opening


External puck dispenser - Coming soon

polytouch® 32 PE4000 can be supplemented with an external puck dispenser.

pucks are Bluetooth low-energy tags with which guests or customers can be located or paged in real time.

This is based on the Real-Time Location System PLS. Further information can be found here.


Optional modules

Our customizable design solution will accommodate all your peripheral requirements within the polytouch® 32 PE4000. This applies to small devices such as cameras and microphones directly in the display frame as well as payment, printer and scanner modules in the peripheral housing.




  • Ingenico ICT 250 / iUP 250
  • Verifone MX9154
  • Verifone H5000
  • Verifone VX520 /VX820
  • Or customer specific





  • Nippon K3510A (Standard)
  • Or customer specific





  • Honeywell N5600 Series
  • Access IS Atom Document Reader
  • Or customer Specific




The kiosks can be individually tailored in terms of colour and texture. All metal components can be powder-coated in various RAL colours or printed in high quality.

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