polytouch® interactive mirror

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polytouch® interactive mirror

The construction of the polytouch® interactive mirror impresses with its flat (only 65mm) and elegant design. Beneath the semi-transparent surface is the heart of the mirror, the interactive 32" PCAP touchscreen with an integrated PC box.
The mirror is ready to mount and an optional scanner is also possible.

By using the mirror in changing rooms, customers can browse the assortment on the interactive display with simple touch movements. If a garment does not fit, the availability can be checked for size, colour or style.

As an additional feature, the customer has the possibility to call help by pressing a "Help-Button". The seller receives a push notification on his mobile device and knows where his support is needed.



The construction of the interactive Mirror allows a frameless design that integrates perfectly into the environment. The stainless steel chassis stands on the floor and is additionally fixed to the wall with three stable brackets.


Display & Computer Unit

The mirrored 32" Full-HD touchscreen will only be visible when the user interacts with it. Thanks to the outstanding brightness of 1000 cd/m2, the content is optimally presented. The used PCAP technology enables up to 10 simultaneous touch points and allows natural interaction with the displayed content.

The PC box with powerful Intel® Core™ i-processors developed by Pyramid provides screen with data and information of any kind. Due to the high configurability of the components, it is optimally equipped for all applications.



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