polytouch® 24 classic

The modular ticketing kiosk

The ultimate interactive kiosk solution for applications with limited floor space.

polytouch® 24 classic

Thanks to its small footprint, polytouch® 24 classic is the ideal kiosk solution for stationary retailers, as its compact design can be seamlessly integrated into shop fittings.

Another highlight of this system is the modular construction concept, which enables the design of an individual kiosk solution. A large number of peripheral modules are available for this purpose. The system is completely bordered by a custom-made metal frame, which protects the inner components from dust and other influences.

In addition to customizable optical surfaces and colours, the sides can be adapted to individual requirements.


The system unit consists of three components: pedestal, display and the modular computer unit.

polytouch 24 classic - Pedestal


The system can be placed anywhere in the room thanks to the available pedestals. In addition to the "Elegance 24" in blued steel, you can also choose the dynamic "wave mini". Both versions are attractive due to their small footprint, which reduces the space requirement to a minimum.

In addition to being mounted on a stand, it is also possible to install the device on a wall or table.

polytouch 24 classic - Display and Computer Unit

Display & Computer unit

The system is equipped with a 24" Full-HD-Display, which thanks to the proven PCAP‑technology processes up to 10 simultaneous inputs. The "anti-glare" coating and the brightness of 300 cd/m2 ensure optimum readability in every situation.

In order to be able to display complex content smoothly, a powerful computer unit is integrated into the system. In order to meet the additional requirements, it can be individually configured and ensures that sufficient computing power is always available.


Optional modules

Numerous additional modules can be arranged around the polytouch® 24 classic display. In addition to thermal printers, 2D barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers (MSR) and EFT payment devices, RFID/NFC readers and loudspeakers can also be installed as required. Optionally, an intelligent LED user guidance can be integrated to guide the user step by step through the process.

Other components are available on request.


The surfaces of the system can be individually adapted in colour and texture. On request, a customizable lettering on the side panels shines in a wide variety of colours.

The pedestal can be powder-coated also in all available RAL colours.

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