polytouch® 24 one wave

The perfect kiosk for check in/check out processes & card management

polytouch 24 one wave

polytouch® 24 one wave

polytouch® 24 one wave is the ultimate kiosk for every check-in/check-out process in the hospitality sector. It is also an excellent self-service terminal for the input and output process of customer- and gift cards. Thanks to its small footprint and elegant design, the all-in-one kiosk is the ideal solution for hotels, bars, stores and clubs.

The standard version has a thermal printer and a 2D barcode scanner. Additional peripherals such as magnetic stripe readers, RFID / NFC, EFTs are available on request.

The highlight is the card dispenser/card recycler and a cash recycling system:
The card dispenser stores up to 1000 smart cards and can print them directly.
The coin and banknote recycler has a capacity of up to 500 notes and 1500 coins and is available for different currencies.

In addition to individual optical surfaces and colours, the sides with illuminated logos and lettering can be designed as desired.


The system unit consists of three components: pedestal, display and the modular computer unit.

polytouch 24 one wave - pedestal


The poytouch® pedestal wave mini is perfectly suited to provide a stable stand for the display as well as for large peripherals. While the card dispenser stands on the base plate, the cashmodule is embedded between the two columns. Despite the powerful functions offered by the one wave, the space requirement can be reduced to a minimum.


polytouch 24 one wave - Display and Computer Unit

Display & PC-Unit

The system is equipped with a 24" Full HD display with PCAP technology and convinces with a bright of more than 300 cd/m2.

The powerful and scalable computer unit offers maximum performance and supplies the polytouch with complex applications and content.




Numerous additional modules can be placed around the display or in the base of the polytouch® 24 one wave:

polytouch 24 classic - modules

Additional modules

In addition to thermal printers, 2D barcode scanners, magnetic stripe readers (MSR) and EFT payment devices, RFID/NFC readers and loudspeakers can also be installed as required. Optionally, an intelligent LED user guidance system can be integrated to guide the user step by step through the desired process.

polytouch 24 classic - cash-recycler


To transform the polytouch® 24 classic into the ultimate cash kiosk, a cash recycler can be integrated into the stand. With a capacity of up to 1500 coins and 500 notes, there is always enough room for change.

polytouch 24 classic - cash-dispenser


The system is completed by the optional card dispenser. The unit, which holds up to 1000 plastic cards, can print them and/or fill them with data via RFID or magnetic-stripe-reader/-writer.



The surfaces of the system can be individually adapted in colour and texture. On request, a customisable lettering with logo on the side panels in a wide variety of colours is available.

The pedestal wave mini and all other visible parts can be coated in a wide variety of RAL colours.



polytouch 24 one wave - Cash Recycler



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