polytouch® 32 curve

The elegant virtual shelf kiosk

polytouch® 32 curve

polytouch® 32 curve is the space-saving kiosk solution specially designed for the retail sector. Its small footprint and minimal installation depth enables a flexible use and thanks to its ergonomic design it is comfortable to operate.

The stand-alone terminal is designed for straightforward maintenance and service. The service flap allows an easy access to the integrated PC-Box. Within the frame of the display, various peripheral modules, such as USB port, camera, microphone or scanner and more can be integrated.

As with the entire polytouch® product range, the kiosk can also be customized to match the customer's choice of colour.


The system consists of three components: Pedestal, display and the modular PC-Box.


polytouch<sup>®<\sup> 32 wave pedestal


Despite to its small footprint, the pedestal provides a secure and stable platform to present content optimally even in the case of limited floor space. Thanks to the ergonomic design, it is possible to vary the height of the display and its alignment angle. In addition, the cable duct runs through the pedestal frame, hiding any cables for power and data.


The 32" Full HD touch screen in portrait format is based on the PCAP technology. This allows natural operation with up to 10 simultaneously detected touch points. In addition to optical bonding, various coatings (glare/anti-glare) are available. The high view angle stability (178° h/v) also allows larger groups to view the screen.


Pyramids’ PC-Box with its snap-in technology is - invisible and protected by the service flap – fixed behind the display. Thanks to Intel® CoreTM i3-i7 processors and almost freely configurable hardware, it offers incredible performance and can easily display your products in 3D. The service flap allows an easy access for high maintenance and serviceability. The PC-Box communicates with the touch screen via a single connector and supplies the screen with power.


Optional modules

Within the frame or below the display of the polytouch® 32 curve, various modules can be optionally integrated:



Above and/or below the display:

  • 62° FOV with autofocus: Suitable for video chat with a single participant
  • 80° FOV without autofocus: Suitable for video conferencing with multiple users



Below the display:

Honeywell N660x

  • Ultra-compact size: Low height of only 6.8 mm
  • Precision laser: For operation even in the brightest environment
  • Adaptus 6.0 Imaging Technology: Fast reading of bar codes and OCR fonts from paper and mobile phone screens with high tolerance against movement


Other components

  • NFC/RFID reader
  • USB port for connecting additional peripherals such as mass storage devices
  • Phone jack

In addition to a thermal printer, a selection of further modules, such as an EFT device, could be integrated below the display.




As with any polytouch® product, the powder coating of the chassis and the pedestal can be adapted to your desired colors (RAL colors).



Image gallery

polytouch<sup>®</sup> 32 curve (Stand-alone kiosk with wood panelling) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 32 curve (Stand-alone kiosk with LEDs) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 32 curve- Information terminal polytouch<sup>®</sup> 32 curve (Peripheral modules) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 32 curve (Virtual shelf kiosk) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 32 curve (Optional printer and scanner) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 32 curve (Information terminal) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 32 curve (Virtual shelf kiosk) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 32 curve (Stand-alone terminal) polytouch<sup>®</sup> 32 curve (Virtual shelf screen)