polytouch® 32 passport

The modular self-service kiosk with space-saving design

polytouch® 32 passport

polytouch® 32 passport is the modular kiosk solution for ticketing and self-checkout.
Its small footprint and the minimal installation depth as well as its various mounting options (wall-mount/single or double version on a pedestal) allows flexible use. The self-service terminal can be equipped with a chip & pin payment device, 2D scanner and NFC reader, and also with an automatic puck dispenser.

The multifunctional kiosk has the highest level of maintainability and serviceability. After opening the service flap, the PC-Box and the printer paper can be exchanged easily. The display or rather touch unit can also be renewed without having to replace the complete POS terminal.
As with the entire polytouch® product range, the kiosk can also be customized accordingly to the customer's color.


The system consists of four components: A pedestal or a wall-mount kit, an attachable belly, an attachable display and a printable top bezel.


Pedestal/wall-mount kit

The pedestal is available as single or double version. This allows the kiosk to be placed anywhere as a stand-alone version. A cable duct runs through the stand hiding any cables for power and data.

If a stand-alone kiosk solution is not desired, the system unit can easily be installed as a wall-mount terminal thanks to wall-mount kit.


Belly with PC-Box

The belly can be attached at three different heights on the pedestal or on the wall-mount kit.

Inside the belly, there is the unique plug & play PC-Box, which requires only one cable for the entire system. The video signal also reaches the screen via a plug-in card, which eliminates the need for additional cabling at this point.
The configurable PC-Box can be equipped with Intel® Core™ i3-i7 processors.
In order to prevent unauthorized access to the computer unit, the belly is secured with a lock.


The display is available in three different screen types:

  • Anti-glare-type-display
  • Bonded anti-glare-type-display
  • Bonded glare-type-display


Top bezel

The top bezel is optional and can be customized according to customer requirements. It can be produced in different materials and shapes.


Optional modules

polytouch® 32 passport can be customized with additional modules like printer, scanner, EFTs and an automatic puck-dispenser:



The following thermal printers can be integrated as standard:

  • Nippon NP-K3510A (Paper roll Ø 80–150 mm): Auto-Cutter, supports characters
  • Wincor Nixdorf TH230+ (Paper roll max. 90 mm): 2 color printing, high printing speed, graphics capability (e.g., barcodes and logos)
  • Custom VKP80III (Paper roll Ø 80–150 mm): High print quality, very compact, highest printing speed

Other printers available on request.



Honeywell N56xx:

  • Precision laser: For operation even in very bright environments
  • Adaptus 6.0 Imaging Technology: Fast reading of bar codes and OCR fonts from paper and mobile phone screens with high tolerance against movement
  • Available color option: Allows you to capture colors such as for ID cards, number plates, etc. Thus/therefore no separate camera is required


EFT Payment

A large selection of payment devices are available:

  • Verifone VX 820
  • Elme OPP B50/C60
  • Ingenico IPP 320/350
  • Verifone MX 915
  • Ingenico iUP250
  • Ingenico IPP 480

Further EFTs are possible on request.


Automatic puck-dispenser

The automatic puck-dispenser unit accommodates the storage and distributing of pucks. It is required as a central component of the Pyramid Locating System and can be installed in the polytouch® 32 passport without tools.

Further information about our method of real time locating system (RTLS), the PLS, can be found here.



The customer has a free choice of colour for powder-coating of the belly. This is possible according to the customer-specific requirements in all RAL colors. The pedestal and the back of the display are black as standard.

The top bezel as well as the inlays of the belly (left and right) can be additionally imprinted in brilliant colours, full-area or with partial motifs.



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